X-Men Part 4 – TRAILER- Paddy O’Brian, Brenner Bolton, Colby Keller, Paul Canon Landon Mycles andd Mike De Marko – SGH – Super Gay Hero

Cum will be spilt in Part 4, as the battle between the X-Men reaches a fever pitch. There will be more than one climax in this conclusion, as these six superheroes work out
their differences with a mouth-watering jizz orgy that penetrates deep into their powerful orifices. The boys take turns sucking and fucking each other. Magneto rides Wolverine’s cock as the rest of the X-Men jerk themselves off to completion into his open inviting hands.

Stealing Johnny Part 3 – TRAILER – Johnny Rapid, Will Braun, Jason Maddox and Connor Maguire – JO – Jizz Orgy

The amount of money generated from Johnny Rapid’s PR stunt inspires Connor Maguire to plop down beside him and be tied up as well. Will Braun and Jason Maddox are afraid this
stunt is going too far, but Connor and Johnny’s cocks keep them in the game.


Spymaster Part 2 – TRAILER- Colby Jansen and Wesley Woods – DMH – Drill My Hole

Colby Jansen is determined to break-up boyfriends Wesley Woods and Tommy Regan. Listening in and hearing Wesley’s urge to bottom, Colby makes his way over to his apartment
and works on stretching Wesley wide open. Colby fucks his hole deep before cumming in Wesley’s welcoming mouth.

Dad VS Stepdad – TRAILER- Eddie Walker and Dennis West – DMH – Drill My Hole

It’s Dennis West vs. Eddie Walker in Dad vs. Stepdad. The only place these polar opposite dads are compatible is in the bedroom.

Charlie Pattinson and Alex Mecum

The New Exclusive Charlie Pattinson – TRAILER – Charlie Pattinson and Alex Mecum – DMH – Drill My Hole

See the new kid in action—you won’t want to miss Charlie Pattinson’s debut.

Truth or Dare Part 3 – TRAILER- Flex Extremo and JP Dubois – DMH – Drill My Hole

The webcam boys have their time in the spotlight—Flex and JP Dubois show off for the camera, starting with a blowjob and leading to Flex penetrating JP from behind. He
thrusts in and out, filling both men with pleasurable desire. JP mounts Flex and rides him, bouncing up and down to get that cock as far inside him as possible. He then loosens Flex up with a rim job before plunging his member deep into the dark-haired hottie.

Diego Sans and Colton Grey

Release – TRAILER- Diego Sans and Colton Grey – DMH – Drill My Hole

Watch Diego Sans relieve himself inside Colton Grey’s tight little pink hole. The boys take turns savoring each other’s dicks, Diego working his tongue to open Colton up and
prepare for a stuffing of his beautiful throbbing cock.

Just Like Dad Part 3 – TRAILER – Dennis West and Jordan Easton – DMH – Drill My Hole

Like father like son, like son like father– Dennis West gets with Jordan Easton, the boy he gifted to his son as a rebound.

On Demand

On Demand – TRAILER- Wesley Woods and Jordan Boss – GOM – Gods of MEN

Wesley Woods orders room service—in the form of Jordan Boss. Wesley salivates over Jordan’s cock, sucking away until Jordan flips him on his back and begins rimming his tight
pink hole. Once properly loosened, Jordan plunges deep into Wesley filling him full of his delicious cock. The boys then flip and Wesley gets his turn stretching Jordan’s hole before cumming on his face.

Captain America A XXX Gay Porn Parody Part 1 – TRAILER- Alex Mecum and Jay Roberts – SGH – Super Gay Hero

See Alex Mecum as Captain America in Part 1 of this Super Gay Hero series.

Turning Point

Turning Point Part 1 – TRAILER- Dennis West and Paul Canon – STG -Str8 To Gay

Watch as Dennis West penetrates Paul’s eager hole in Turning Point.

Spymaster Part 3 – TRAILER- Colby Jansen and Tommy Regan – DMH- Drill My Hole

The time has come for Colby Jansen to finally get inside Tommy Regan, the man he’s been crushing on ever since first laying eyes on his tight ass. Colby may have played dirty
and abused the Patriot Act to get what he wanted, but boy was it worth it with Tommy savoring every last drop from his pulsing cock.

New In Town

New In Town – TRAILER- Colby Keller and Lucky Daniels – DMH – Drill My Hole

Lucky Daniels answers Colby Keller’s Craigslist ad for a no-strings-attached hookup. Lucky starts by sucking Keller’s throbbing member before Colby turns the tide and plunges
his tongue into Lucky’s tight hole. Colby works his dick deep into Lucky’s ass, from head to base he slides his entire shaft in-and-out, pounding away until both men can no
longer stand to retain their hot cream.

Just Like Dad Part 4 – TRAILER- Dennis West and Colby Jansen – DMH – Drill My Hole

Colby Jansen fills Dennis West with his 7” throbbing cock.

The Purge

The Purge – TRAILER- Aspen
Dalton Briggs
Roman Todd
Will Braun – JO- Jizz Orgy

One day a year the world ceases to have morals. Any crime is permissible. Any indiscretion is permissible. It is a day that lacks conviction. It is a day of no judgement. The
choices you make on this day have no repercussions. Go out and be free. Today is the purge.

Captain America : A Gay XXX Parody Part 2 – TRAILER- Alex Mecum and Black Panther – SGH – Super Gay Hero

The threat of the Black Panther forces Captain America from his cozy tryst out onto the city rooftops for a thrilling battle against his arch nemeses. Cap follows the Black
Panther inside, where the two begin to work out their differences with their giant hard cocks. The silent Black Panther can’t help but moan after Captain America’s deep
penetration of his tight ass.

Tarzan : A Gay XXX Parody Part

Tarzan : A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 – TRAILER- Luke Adams and Colton Grey – SGH – Super Gay Hero

Stranded ashore a lush tropical island, Luke Adams and Colton Grey cope with surviving the jungle by exploring each other’s dark dank holes. Colton readies Luke’s delicious
cock with his warm wet mouth then opens his hole with his probing tongue before plunging his rock hard dick deep inside Luke’s eager ass. Luke returns the favor by fucking
Colton up against the palms of this tropical rainforest as a native resident watches from the bushes…
Fix and Fuck – TRAILER- Dennis West and Mike Maverick – DMH – Drill MY Hole

Mike Maverick has work in a few hours, so of course his laundry machine breaks down with all of his clothing in it. Dennis West comes to the rescue, but it turns out he is
much more than your average repairman– as evidenced by his bag of assorted sex toys. Mike is serviced in more ways than one!

Raw Obsession Part

Raw Obsession Part 3 – TRAILER- Brandon Moore | Chris Blades – BROMO||Wanting to experience Fabio’s hot body and huge cock for himself, Chris decides to invite himself over to Fabio’s place. He’s then surprised when he sees Brandon Moore on all fours and blindfolded, waiting for a dick in his ass. Chris obliges and starts undressing to reveal his thick erect cock, and then dives deep inside Brandon’s eager hole. The rest is a fantasy come true.
Rednecks Part 2 – TRAILER- Jeff Powers | Brandon Evans – BROMO||When Jeff Powers and Brandon Evans get bored at the trailer park, they decide to go shoot some cans out in the field. This wasn’t enough to suppress the boredom, so Jeff buries his massive uncut cock inside Brandon’s pretty mouth, and starts throat-fucking him. Brandon’s so good at sucking his big dick that Jeff rips off his jeans and starts banging him bareback on a tree stump. These two look so hot fucking each other that you’ll want to play this scene on repeat.